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 Bracken - centaur

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PostSubject: Bracken - centaur   Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:27 pm

Name: Bracken
Age: 22
Gender: Stallion
Physical Description:  long black raven hair, pointed ears and fanfiction green eyes. light bay body with four white socks and black legs..  a pouch around his human torso and  a feather and tooth necklace, a feather decoration in his hair and a feather armband. A quiver on his back and a bow on him at all times
Personality: While shy around humans hes extremely curious, never having lost his colt like personality he loves to run around and play. the flip side to this playful young man is his stallion side, he can be territorial, dangerous and merciless. Loosing his herd one by one when he was younger caused him to develop this tendancy, his stallion side is also suspicious, possessive and not one to get on the bad side of.
Favorite Things: Feathers obviously, playingg his lute, makin gfriends
what makes him sad: Fear, moonless nights, being put to work as a horse, being hurt
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Bracken - centaur
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