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 Lauchlan Micheal Mckinnan

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PostSubject: Lauchlan Micheal Mckinnan    Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:17 pm

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Name: Lauchlan Micheal Mckinnan
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Model Wooden Ship Maker

Clothes: He wears light shorts that are striped with many colors, usually shirtless around his home when he has guests or is going out he wears a couple of his shirts, his favorite ones with tigers on them. often found in a pair of retro shades
Physical Description: Red head, peircing blue eyes, light ginger scruff, freckled, 5'10

Personality: Loyal, extremley loyal, he will do anything and everything for his sister as she is the only family that he sees as family. However in contrast to his older sisters fiery temper he is laid back and cool, he has a light joking tone and he is hardly ever serious instead preferring to tease and make jokes finding his sisters temper halarious
Likes: Sailing on his ship, the sounds of the sea, the morning chorus, his older sister
Dislikes: possums, rats, pine trees, Anthony
Fears: Anthony returning and beating him, Fire, loss of native animals

History: Born in Scotland with his older twin sister Elizabeth, they moved to NZ when they were ten years old. His older half brother Anthony often would pick on them and steal their toys when their mother wasnt looking. When his brother left he was rather happy until his mother found out and she became more of a drunkard leaving him and his sister to forage for themselves. Leaning on his sister until he became 18, he moved up to the north of the south island, he now lives in a bach up there with his yacht named the Warmaiden and a little dingy called The Mermaid

Family -
Father - James Lauchlin Mckinnan - Deceased
Mother - Margaret Mckinnan - Deceased
Twin Sister - Elizabeth Roseadora Mickinnan
Half brother - Anthony - Unknown
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Lauchlan Micheal Mckinnan
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