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 Logan James Miles

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PostSubject: Logan James Miles   Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:30 pm

The Basics
Logan James Miles
Commonly known as: Logan, Logie
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthday: 2nd January

Clothes: Dark shirt, leather jacket, jeans, boots and a thin chain that holds a simple engagement ring
Physical Description: 5'11, dark brown hair, blue eyes, scruff on his chin
Weaponry: Couple of old fashioned pistols and a knife in his boot

Hes distant from people until he gets toknow them preferring to keep to himself. Hes slightly bitter and is somewhat of a dick, thats mainly a barrier to keep himself safe so he dosen't get hurt once again. Underneath that hes actually suprisingly loyal and trustworthy coming up with interesting solutions to things
Likes: His bike, working with his hands, keeping busy
Dislikes: Cruelty, manipulation, crowds, greasy men, beards, witches
Fears: Failing someone he loves, loving someone new

Ever since he was five hes taken care of his baby brother, ditching school early despite being popular and doing well in his classes so he could take a job to support him. His father was jailed for dealing drugs and murdering a man, and his mother so attatched to him spiralled into a drug and alcohol addiction without him. When Red was old enough to fend for himself he vanished leaving Logan to finally start his own life, falling in love with a girl named Amanda he was on the verge of proposing when his life turned sour something killing her brutally so she died in his arms.  


Father - Hayden Raymond Miles - Jailed
Mother - Danielle Amy Miles [Maiden name: Solothor]
Younger Brother - Jackson [Red] Miles
FC: Sebastian Stan
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Logan James Miles
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