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PostSubject: Steel   Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:47 pm

The Basics
Name: Steel
Gender: male
Species: Werewolf

Wolf Forme
Coat Color: Dark grey
Fur Markings and Scars: Large scar on chest, lighter coloured grey under belly
Eye color: Yellow eyes
Human Forme
Hair: steel grey, kept in a short pony tail
Eyes: unusual yellow, often glaring and hard to read
Scars: He has a large scar on his chest, his face and arms covered in old bite scars
Clothing: he has a liking for his black leather jacket, with a dark shirt underneath, jeans dyed black and boots.

Personality: Exterior: on the outside, hes curt and somewhat cold, he keeps others away and often pushes them away to avoid opening up. Dosent back down from a fight and prefers to do his own thing
Interior: Steels interior is gentler than his harsh exterior, more likely to give in and do as another asks, although with loud complaints. More like to share, and protect others from harm.
Likes: Plenty of food, quiet moments, sounds of nature
Dislikes: Loud voices, idiots, dogs
Fears:Others finding out about his past

History: Used as a dog fighting animal he was trained to kill and kill well, however as he got older his instincts lead him to something more. Breaking out after discovering that he was more than just a wolf, he slaughtered the humans that ran the place and running he left behind his dark past and began wandering on his own, slowly building up a cold hard exterior with his gentler side well hidden.

Friends - None
Acquaintances - None
Strangers - Everyone
Enemies - Everyone

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