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 Accalia & Astrid

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PostSubject: Accalia & Astrid   Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:01 pm

The Basics
Names: Astrid
Wolf name: Accaila
Gender: Female
Species: wereWolf

Wolf forme
Coat Color: Beautiful blue
Fur Markings and Scars: none
Eye color: Sapphire blue
Human forme
Hair color: blue/black
Eye colour: brilliant blue
Clothing: pink scarf around her neck, dark blue trench coat, blue short shorts, blue boots that reach up over her knee

Personality:  a quiet but intelligent female who prefers to let her actions speak for her, when her buttons are pushed her tongue can become quite sharp and scathing. Shes loyal to those who earn her trust, and would do anything for a friend, towards those she cares about shes kind and loving.  being on her own is hard for her because shes always had company.
Likes: Running as fast as she can, resting in the sun,
Dislikes: , Sleazy wolves, talking about her past
Fears: Being trapped in her wolf form, everyone she cares about being taken away again

History: She grew up in an orphanage and believed she was a human right up until the day when she was 14 when they were taken to the zoo and she met the captive wolves there. It was then she learnt of her true heritage and unable to accept living in the orphanage anymore she left. She roamed the world for quite a time until she found a temple hidden in the mountains, starving and wounded at the time the priestesses took her in and nursed her back to health. Afterwards she joined their ranks.

Friends - none
Acquaintances - none
Strangers -  none
Enemies - those who killed her family

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Accalia & Astrid
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