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 Jacob Hawks - Snake

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PostSubject: Jacob Hawks - Snake   Sat May 28, 2016 4:56 pm

The Basics
Name: Jacob Hawks
Nickname: Snake, Hunter, Sniper
Gender: Male
Age:  30

Hair colour: Brown
Scars:  One through right eyebrow, random assorted scars over his arms, chest, legs and back.
eye Color: Hazel
Physical Build: Muscular and lithe

Personality: Jacob or snake as he prefers to be called is very intense, happily employed as a mercenary he hires out his abilities for money. Things have to be done on his own terms, as he prefers to have control over what goes on. He possesses a sense of humor and dosen't hold back on laughing when he finds something amusing. Hes cunning and will break all the rules to get the job done. He has little loyalty, turning on them that hire him in a snap if they don't pay him or try to change the terms once they have been set
Strengths: Crack shot - never misses a target, Very focused, Intelligent
Weaknesses: Likes danger, is bad at making connections with others
Likes: Sex, Getting paid, being able to use his skills
Dislikes: People getting in the way, Idiots, deals being broken,
Fears: Being trapped and not being able to escape on his own, loosing control
History: He grew up in a military home, it always expected for him to join the army. He spent most of his childhood learning how guns worked and how to shoot, becoming a master marksman when he was 15. He joined the army as soon as he left school, quickly establishing himself as an excellent sniper, discharged just before he turned thirty for beginning to choose his targets instead of listening to orders. He became a mercenary working on his own terms.

Father: Jack
Mother: Mary
Younger Brother: Nathan Hawks


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Jacob Hawks - Snake
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