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 Hazel Jane Prentice

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PostSubject: Hazel Jane Prentice   Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:33 am

Name: Hazel Prentice

Nickname: Princess

Age: 18

Sexuality: Homosexual

Birthday: 31st March

Personality: She prefers to keep people at bay with a cold uncaring exterior not really seeming to appear attatched to anything at all, with a look on her face like she is not really there when someone is talking to her she can come across as rude or snobbish. As one digs deeper they find that shes mistrusting and wary, hesitant to trust anyone and more likley to lash out violently if she finds herself in corners where she can’t locate an escape route. Her mentality is frail, after spending a life of never knowing when her father was next going to come home drunk she dislikes change and prefers a simple life of routine. One of the few pleasures she gets from things is playing the piano that her friend taught her when she was young and using her power.

Likes: Playing the piano, using her power,Frozen - strong confident woman who dont need no man? hell yeah

Dislikes: Creepy men, Prisons, appearing weak Frozen - they copied her ice power

Physical Description: 5’7 with pale green eyes, a fair constent complexion, delicate features and beautiful coppery auburn hair.

Power: Ice bender, she can turn any water she can sense to ice she can’t pull ice out of nothing though

Favourite song to play:—j3k&list=FLobGzUD5WODlbTDtWyMsJMQ&index=3

Past: Ever since she was little she knew that she had an affinity toward woman, treating males even the important ones in her life with a slight indifference even coldly her family always attempted to straighten out her wrinkles by forcing guys onto her. Her tolerance for these annoying forced acts lowered as the years went by until one day she lost her cold temper and ended up killing everyone in her family including the man she was currently dating to keep her parents off of her back. Keeping on the run ever since then she’s never really stayed in one place long.

Fears: Imprisonment

FC: Sophie Turner
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Hazel Jane Prentice
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